E'shee Lottery

E'shee Lotto - chance to win youth!

Dear friends,

We glad to present you a new way to own your favorite E'shee product for the fraction of the retail price. E'shee lotto - chance to win youth! Everyone can win and it will be a winner in every drawing.

How to participate: You don't need to pick any numbers; simply click "buy E'-card" on this page (cost - 10.00 USD). Once you make a payment please don't forget hit "Complete purchase" button (paying with paypal) and you will get into confirmation page with your E'-card number and you will receive email with your E'-card number and drawing details. It is no restriction on number of E'-cards you can buy. You can increase your chances by buying multiple E'-cards if you like. E-cards purchased within designated period of time will qualify for the drawing of the particular prize.

Play prize, date of drawing, and a winner will be announced on our website, our blog and our Facebook page. If your "E'-card" didn't win, it is redeemable for your next E'shee purchase. You can use it yourself or gift it to anyone you like.

Participants must be at least 18 yrs or older.

Sorry, there is no draw at this moment.